Content Publishing Guide

Updated: April 2017


Welcome to Diverxity!! Our mission is to provide a fair and open community where artists and talent can network and publish. We want you to think of Diverxity as “your site” where you can represent yourself and monetize your work with ease.

What kind of content can I publish?

At Diverxity, we’re all about people. What could be more interesting!! So we’re mostly looking for pictures of people, but you are welcome to publish other type of work as well.

A key aim of Diverxity is to be a place that promotes diversity in all aspects. Talent of every look, shape and size – various levels of production value – various artistic styles, etc. We are seeking content of pretty much every sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, style, fetish, erotic, informational – you name it!

At the same time, it is extremely important to understand that this is not wholly open “free-for-all”, but a moderated community dedicated to allowing people to express and explore their interests. There are also rules we have to follow imposed on us by our billing providers that we must respect, so please be sure to at least skim this whole doc to make sure you’re not submitting stuff we can’t approve. Like blood, weapons, rape, etc. See Prohibited Content.

How do I start publishing?

Getting started is easy! All you need to start is to agree to the Diverxity Content License Agreement. The license agreement can be found at My Settings "Legal" tab and accepted electronically. After accepting, you will be immediately be emailed a copy of the document for your records. This agreement basically says you have the rights to publish the content you upload, and that we’re allowed to present it on the site and market it, and that you can take it down at any time should you decide to. Pretty simple!

We don’t need to see copies of any model releases or other documents between artist and talent. The License is sufficient for us. If someone contacts us contradicting your assertion of your right to publish the work, we’ll let you know. If you need a release document to cover your work – from either a shooter or talent’s perspective – our Master Production Agreement is fair and balanced document you can use. Find it here: Diverxity Master Production Agreement

How do I upload content?

Hover over your avatar in the top bar (all the way to the right) and click "NEW PHOTOSET" or "NEW VIDEO"

  1. Enter a title and description for your set.
  2. Contract – Select your Diverxity Content License Agreement.
  3. Enter the production date: This is the date of the shoot, or if a multiple day shoot – the first day of shooting. This is critical information, as it is required for age verification.
  4. Teaser content checkbox: If you check this box, everyone will be able to view this content for free. You can turn it on or off at any time. Note that you can only have 20% of your content marked as free at any time though.
  5. On the team tab, add team members and talent to the set. When adding Talent, if the model(s) in the set are not yet Diverxity members, you can add them by clicking “Create New User” and providing the info you have for them. Age verification documents may be needed for users you add. (read below for info about talent ID requirements) If you don’t know their email address, just leave it blank, do not use your own.
  6. On the photos or video tab you can upload your pictures or video. Remember: rich media take can take a while to upload – so please be patient!
  7. On the cover tab you can select one of the existing images/snapshots or upload a custom cover image for your set. Make it representative of the overall set.
  8. When you’re all set, click the green “Submit for approval” button in the upper right. NOTE: We won’t know to look at your set until you do this – so be sure to submit when ready.
  9. The Activity tab is where you can see all actions taken on this content, as well as communcate with curators about issues.
  10. Once content is live, the Analytics tab is where you can see statistics about its views and earnings.
Minimum Standards
Photo Sets
  • Minimum 5 images, maximum 250
  • Upload Format – JPEG format
  • Resolution – Images must be 1000 pixels or more on the longest side. Upscaling low resolution images to meet the minimum criteria is not allowed.
  • File size - an individual image cannot exceed 8MB
  • Compression level – Images should be high enough quality to not have any visible artifacts, but not unnecessarily detailed where there is no discernible additional image quality, yet download times increase. Photoshop JPEG Quality settings of 7-9 are a good place to start, with the higher end usually only being needed if there is a lot of detailed “texture” in the image.
  • Length – Minimum length is 1 minute. There is no specific upper duration limit
  • Resolution – Minimum 640 x 480
  • Upload Size Limit – your original file must be 5GB or less
  • Upload Format – We can handle most formats for uploading. We will transcode it into H.264
  • Videos must not be distorted – any sort of stretched or squished appearance is unacceptable.
  • Content cannot be published multiple times on Diverxity. All content submitted must be at least 95% unique and not already published on the site.
Community Guidelines – We recommend content follow these

Content following these guidelines will be promoted on the main Diverxity “What’s New” page upon release. Content not complying with the guidelines can still be approved for publication, but when published will not be presented on the “What’s New” page’s timeline.

Photo Sets
  • 150 images or less
  • Avoid multiple shots that are near duplicates (same pose repeated with only subtle variation) within the set, or simple crops or edits of another image. Also, breaking up a single shoot into multiple sets is strongly discouraged.
  • Don’t do “mix sets” – we prefer you keep a set to a single style/look/shoot. This includes mixing color and B&W images in a single set.
  • Resolution – 5 megapixels or higher. Earning opportunity is reduced with low resolution images, as fans will not have the opportunity to zoom in and appreciate details, as they do with hi-res images.
  • Watermarked images – The system will automatically apply a watermark in the bottom-right of images during playback. You can upload your own personalized watermark. Large watermarks distract from members’ enjoyment of images, so they should be unobtrusive and modest, and no more than ¼ of the width of the image if short, less if more of a box shape. Watermarks must always be tight in one of the corners, never mid-span. Watermarks should also not interfere with the subject in the images.
  • Use of blurring or masking is discouraged. E.g. black bar across someone’s face to hide their identity.
  • Photo sets consisting of captured video frames are strongly discouraged.
  • Length – 2 minutes or longer
  • Resolution – HD video preferred, 720p or 1080p
  • Videos are not letterboxed – meaning no black bars
  • Videos shouldn't consist predominantly of a slideshow (or other presentation) of still images. Please just upload the still images themselves as photo content.
  • Watermarked videos – watermarks should be unobtrusive and modest, and no more than ¼ of the width of the image if short, less if more of a box shape. Watermarks must always be tight in one of the corners, never mid-span. Watermarks should also not interfere with the subject in the video.
Do I need talent ID and documentation?

Basically all content can be broken down into two categories – 1) content that falls under what is known as the 2257 regulations, and 2) everything else. So then, how do you know if the content is subject to 2257?

As a guideline, your content is subject to 2257 reporting if:

  1. Produced on or after July 3, 1995
  2. Content contains depictions of sexual activity or attitude – whether solo or multiple persons
  3. Content contains "lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area" which can mean one or more of the following:
    1. the focal point is on the subject's genitalia or pubic area;
    2. the setting of the visual depiction is sexually suggestive, i.e., in a place or pose generally associated with sexual activity;
    3. the visual depiction suggests sexual coyness or a willingness to engage in sexual activity;
    4. the visual depiction is intended or designed to elicit a sexual response in the viewer
  4. Content contains simulated sexually explicit conduct - Simulated sexually explicit conduct is conduct engaged in by performers that is depicted in a manner that would cause a reasonable viewer to believe that the performers engaged in actual sexually explicit conduct, even if they did not in fact do so. It does not mean sexually explicit conduct that is merely suggested. In addition, it does not include virtual representations of such conduct, i.e., cartoons or computer-generated images that do not depict real human beings.

If your content IS subject to 2257 reporting, then in addition to your license agreement, you will need to provide a copy of a photo ID along with a 2257 datasheet for each performer portrayed in the content. The photo ID must contain the performer’s date of birth. All information on a performer (such as home address and social security number) may be redacted other than the name, date of birth, and information that identifies the type and validity of the picture identification card (e.g., driver’s license or passport number). It is also important to provide accurate date of production, as that is needed to establish the age of performers when the content was created.

If your content IS NOT subject to 2257 reporting, then legally it’s not required to provide model information or attach the talent to the content. However, we strongly recommend that you do it anyway for the following reasons – 1) it’s always fair and appropriate to credit anyone involved in a creative endeavor, 2) fans often search for talent they are fans of and without the talent attached they won’t discover your work, and 3) similarly, fans will browse through talent profiles to locate those that interest them – so your work loses some visibility by not attaching the talent.

Interested to know more about 2257? Here’s a succinct document published by the US Department of Justice to read:

What’s Not Acceptable in Content

While we strive to encourage and promote diversity, and respect the creative expression of all – we are bound by certain obligations – some legal, some contractual, that restrict us from publishing certain types of work. The majority of the restrictions are imposed by the credit card processing folks, which is something we find objectionable that these companies have the de facto ability to dictate what people can market and consume. Nevertheless, this is the reality of today’s marketplace. The following rules apply to all forms of content – video, still images, and text – whether as a written story, or the dialogue spoken or presented in another medium, or even the titles or descriptions of visual content.

  1. All talent must be 18 years of age or older, whether the content is subject to 2257 or not. This applies even if they’re fully dressed.
    1. Furthermore, it is not acceptable to depict an adult as a minor, including as a baby. Imagery that could imply the talent is below 18 includes things like dressing in children’s clothes, diapers, stuffed animals, etc.
  2. Nothing showing or discussing any sort of forced or non-consensual activity
    1. Rape / forced sex / molestation – note that fake / simulated / fantasy rape are included
    2. Kidnapping / abduction
    3. Unwilling sex or torture
    4. Bondage with sex – it’s ok to have content were the model is tied up. However unwilling sex is not allowed
    5. Sex during sleep / night invaders
  3. No weapons – this includes guns, knives, swords, etc. Exceptions may be made if the content is depicting a person in a uniform or traditional dress where the weapon is an expected part of said outfit. Send a sample picture to if you would like an assessment prior to submitting.
  4. No drugs – neither depiction of illegal drug use, nor implying someone being drugged or knocked out
  5. No Blood or Gore or Fangs – so this includes vampires, simulations are also prohibited
  6. No Hate imagery or speech - Includes things like racism, Nazi paraphernalia, etc
  7. No sacrilegious images – those grossly irreverent toward what is or is held to be sacred
  8. No Scat / defecation – simulations are also prohibited
  9. No person on person watersports - urinating is permissible in a natural way (peeing in nature, in a toilet)
  10. No bestiality or animals in any sexual context
  11. Words not allowed in blogs / stories / titles or descriptions. – kids, lolita, pedo, peta, peto, pre-teen, pedophile, underage, child, rape, blood/gore, kidnap, abduct, capture, captive, chloroform, distress, peril, forced, struggle, demise, torture, suffer, strangle, suffocate, rape
  12. General Obscenity – the law also stipulates against “Anything that offends or strong upsets the prevalent morality of the time.” – this is clearly very open for interpretation, and we don’t expect to reject anything on this basis, but be aware it.
Other Important Considerations
  • All participants in content sets must have an avatar in order to have the content published. Any provisional talent in the content (those that you add during the upload) will have avatars created for them by the site admins.
  • Advertising or promotional content – Content must have intrinsic value to our members, and not solely be a teaser or trailer for a full length work. We’re not opposed to members cross marketing to other sites, but the form must be one where it’s cohesive and a full (if abridged) representation of the original work. Determination of this is subjective, and the site curators have final judgment on suitability. Again to put it simply, make sure uploaded content is indeed “content” and doesn’t come across as an advertisement and it should be fine.
    Note, you can have externally hosted videos that are promotions and embed them in posts on your own timeline. Your timeline is yours do whatever you like with.
  • Brands and other protected marks – If your content contains any images, words, or marks that are copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise legally protected, you should avoid usage of said items, as the owners of those items can pursue legal action to have the content removed, amongst any other legal recourse they may have.
  • Music in videos - If you have music in your video, you should also have a license or a right to use that music. If not properly licensed, the music publisher can request it to be removed from the site and we will comply.
  • Any child pornography will be reported to the authorities and ASACP immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy towards content that exploits children.
More help please!!!
If you are stuck or even just confused or frustrated - please do not hesitate to ask for help. Contact us at and we'll address your questions or concerns as quickly as possible. We are committed to making Diverxity an awesome place for you to showcase your work, make money, meet new people and of course have fun! So let us know when we can help, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the site for YOU!